Advent Snowman with Gingerbread House


This 14" Advent Snowman is a traditional wooden, hand-painted nutcracker.  The snowman does not have a jaw that moves so the traditional moving jaw piece is covered by his red and white-striped scarf.

The snowman is painted white and is wearing a black top hat with a red and white band and a red and white-striped scarf.  The snowman is holding a tiny gingerbread house in one hand and a gingerbread cookie in the other.  The nutcracker sits on a wooden square box painted white with multi-colored polka dots and red and white stripes. There are two green number blocks inside of the box to display the number of days until Christmas.  A big hit with kids of all ages!

Each nutcracker is hand-painted and therefore may vary some in appearance.  This is not the exact nutcracker you will receive however, each nutcracker basically looks the same.