Black Lives Matter Challenge Coin - Gold and Black (Limited Series)


A challenge coin indicates membership in a unique group.  This Black Lives Matter challenge coin can be given to allies, or just simply used to signify to others your beliefs.  The front of the coin has "Black Lives Matter" twice surrounding the Black fist of solidarity.  The back of the coin has the phrase "All Lives Matter Only If Black Lives Matter."  The edge of the coin reads "Pro-Black does not mean Anti-White."

Challenge coins have a long history in the military symbolizing membership, service, and accomplishment.  More recently, challenge coins have permeated many other groups from corporations to first responders, and even sports fans.  These challenge coins can be added to your collection or even used as a ball marker when playing golf.  They make great gifts!

This gold and black Black Lives Matter challenge coin is 2" in diameter and made of brass.  It weighs around 2 oz. and is as thick as two stacked pennies.  It is die-struck with the Black fist raised.