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This ornament comes from Jingle Nog (www.JingleNog.com), a company that makes beautiful ornaments and create a story for each one.  Ivy is a sterling silver lined glass ornament.  This limited edition collectible glass ornament is made in Poland  where it is mouth blown, hand painted and glittered.  This ornament is a a pink and green ivy-patterned ball.  It is 4" tall.  The ornament is delivered inside a green and ivory gift box and includes a small card with the ornament's story.

The Ivy Story
Connected like these strings of pearls, 
and every lovely wearers lashes and curls, 
this sisterhood preserves, grows and reaffirms, 
our commitment to share, care and learn.
May the strength and spirit of uplifting hands and words,
continue to create community and unity within the world.
With each solid and ever growing ivied step,
our wisdom, knowledge and bonds gain depth,
and with this together all challenges are met,
and we are blessed, able to do and be our very best.