Red Guardsman


This 14" Red Guardsman is a traditional wooden nutcracker with a moving jaw.  The nutcracker's face and hands are stained with a brown wood stain leaving the beautiful wood grain visible.  

The Red Guardsman wears long black pants and black shoes.  His jacket is red with gold accents and gold rhinestones as buttons and has gold thread epaulettes.    The Red Guardsman has black hair and his black faux fur hat has a gold star in front with a gold rhinestone in the center of the star.  The hat includes a gold chain that hangs above the forehead.  He has a brown and black rifle at his side.   He stands on a wooden square base that is painted red with gold trim.

Each nutcracker is hand-painted and therefore may vary some in appearance.  This is not the exact nutcracker you will receive however, each nutcracker basically looks the same.